Working with precision


Working with precision saves money

In the construction industry today, margins are getting tighter, time and material wastage are two of the biggest concerns for a builder’s bottom line.  “Measure twice, cut once”, it might be an old proverb, but it’s also a measure of professionalism, making sure you “get it right” the first time.

At Sutton Structural Steel, this is the philosophy we live by, and why we have made a significant investment in tools and processes.  All designed to reduce wastage and make your projects more profitable.


Tekla – Ensuring accuracy

The key to working with precision is Tekla, a suite of software that increases performance, reduces costly errors and promotes greater collaboration on projects.

Sutton’s uses two key software components:

  1. Tekla Structures – A Building Information Modelling(BIM) software that Sutton’s highly trained drafters use to create accurate 3D models of the physical and functional characteristics of your project.
  2. Tekla PowerFab – The engine that Sutton’s delivery leads use to manage every detail of a fabrication project, from;
    1. Estimating
    2. Inventory and Purchasing
    3. Production Control, and
    4. Shipping and Installation

Working with precision saves money

More accurate estimates, better project management, improved production and professional installations, are what make Sutton Structural Steel your indispensable steel fabricator.

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