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Our Professional Installations

Structural steel is an integral part of many construction projects. The quality of a steel installation is often fundamental of the core of the structure. To ensure outstanding results in an area of construction that can be logistically complicated, we take extra care with every step of the construction process, this includes onsite installation if the builder so requires.

Whether it’s a shed in the middle of a paddock or an architectural façade for a multi-storey city development, we have the personnel, machinery and experience to erect steel safely and efficiently. 


Our Installation Process

Sutton Structural Steel staff will install the fabricated steel as per the Tekla drawings and client engineering documents.  Usually, installation takes on average 2 days, with all columns installed on Day 1 and all the beams on Day 2.  If there is a second story then installation will usually go into a 3rd day.  Sutton’s will pro-actively work with the Builders or Fabricators to overcome any obstacles that might arise.

As part of its commitment to safety and professionalism, all Sutton Structural Steel installations are:

  • Done on schedule
  • Completed to your plans / specifications
  • WorkSafe compliant

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